• 4D Curve+ Memory Pillow

4D Curve+ Memory Pillow




The problem of modern people is "straight neck"

A straight neck is increasing due to the development of devices such as personal computers and smartphones.
Originally refers to the state where the cervical vertebra (seven small bones in the neck) depicting a "gentle curve" is straight. The cause of such a situation is to keep the dressing attitude posture for a long time when watching personal computers and smartphones. In the straightened cervical spine, adults can not support the weight of the head of about 5 kg well, the neck screams.

Once a straight neck develops, not only will collapse, pain, numbness be easily caused in the neck, shoulder, back, waist, etc., but in the worst case the spine may become deformed or become a hernia. Others have symptoms such as headaches and asthenopia, nausea and dizziness, and insomnia. In order not to become a straight neck, prevention from everyday is important.


Wrap gently to your shoulders, support your neck during sleep

It is a great opportunity to rest your neck in its natural shape when sleeping. This pillow was designed to pursue relaxation of the neck. By making the part corresponding to the shoulder mouth a slanted line shape, it reduces the burden on the shoulder, and the fit is UP! Because the dent in the central part of the pillow stabilizes the cervical spine, it is effective also for measures against neck stiffness. It fits perfectly on your neck and shoulder and leads you to the right posture while sleeping.

By sleeping at the correct neck position, not only a straight neck but also measures for snoring and sleep apnea syndrome can be linked. Since the pillow supports the cervical vertebrae by the inverted slanted structure, it makes it easier to open the airway and secures the path of respiration. It makes your breathing easier while you are sleeping.


Three-dimensional shape supports sideways as well as sleeping

Because it is designed to widen the width so that turning is easy, the head is hard to fall off from the pillow. By raising both sides of the pillow, you lift your head naturally when you lie sideways and the center of gravity becomes straight, so your body is not in an unreasonable position, your neck, shoulder and head are stable. Even when you lie on your back and lie sideways, you will lead to the optimum sleeping posture and reduce the burden on your body.



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