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FITS-Acrylic Partition Shelf Display Stands

FITS-Acrylic Partition Shelf Display Stands

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Material:  Acrylic   
Color: Transparent
Thinkness: 4mm
FITS-L18W10H4: L18xW10xH4cm
FITS-L20W10H6: L20xW10xH6cm
FITS-L22W10H8: L22xW10xH8cm
FITS-L24W10H10: L24xW10xH10cm
FITS-L26W10H12: L26xW10xH12cm
FITS-L28W10H14: L28xW10xH14cm
FITS-L30W10H16: L30xW10xH16cm
FITS-L30W20H16: L30xW20xH16cm
FITS-L30W20H18: L30xW20xH18cm
FITS-L34W20H20: L34xW20xH20cm
FITS-L36W20H22: L36xW20xH22cm
FITS-L38W20H24: L38xW20xH24cm

- Partition shelf is made of  high quality 4mm thinkness acrylic, 
  non-toxic and safe to use. 
- Multiple sizes to fit your needs.
- Widely use, create maximum storage in small spaces.
-Stackable design: Allows for easy organization and space-saving.


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