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Buy 10 get 50% JOVIE Aromatic Toilet Bowl Flush Cleaner

Buy 10 get 50% JOVIE Aromatic Toilet Bowl Flush Cleaner

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Ingredients: microbial agents, flavors, and activator
Weight per bottle: 250G
Scent: Yellow Lemon,Purple Lavender, Blue Jasmine,Orange Osmanthus
Shelf life: 3 years

-It can effectively freshen smell and remove the dirt inside the toilet bowl and prevent the toilet from being blocked.
-One bottle can be used for up to 3+ months (depending on flushing frequency and number of person in household).
-Easy to use, put a bottle of toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl's water tank.
-It's smell is fragrant, be effective in deodorization, and keep perfume continuously, purify the air of the toilet.
-More cost effective than individual toilet blue capsule.
-It's very safety, without any causticity or toxicity.

Steps to use:
1. Cut the bump behind the bottle
2. Pull out the rubble cap from the bottle
3. Insert into the back compartment of the toilet bowl and flush


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