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MiDeer Origami Paper Animal, Planes, Face Marks 3D Origami collect them all

MiDeer Origami Paper Animal, Planes, Face Marks 3D Origami collect them all

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MiDeer's Origami Paper Animals- 10 Pieces 3D Paper Animal -Bee -Elephant -Lion -Owl -Butterfly -Bird -Frog -Crocodile -Sheep -Turtle

MiDeer's Origami Paper Planes- 36 Pieces 3D Paper Plane -8 Flying Patterns

MiDeer's Paper Masks - 8 Types- Butterfly - Rabbit - Owl - Deer - Fox - Bear - Leopard - Tiger

Easy to do- Follow Dotted Folding

High-quality Dutch import white card

Suitable Age: 5 Years Old & Above

Various manual techniques, exercise your child's hands flexibility. Effective and simple folding steps for children to think independently. Enhance children's self-confidence. Suitable Age: 5 Years Old & Above

Let your kid create a happy zoo on their own with their three-dimensional thinking, and stimulate the child's spatial imagination. Various hand movements, such as cutting, folding, sticking, and pinching, can effectively be cultivated.

The color of each animal paper model is similar to the color of real animals, with different texture background colors to enhance color perception thus highlighting the original representative signs of animals, and deepening animal cognition.

Take your kids' dreams to the skies with paper planes! Origami to transform paper into planes, for young and elderly. Designed for young pilots, ages 5+, this lively kit combines the fun of coloring with the thrill of folding and flying paper airplanes.

Paper Planes can not only train children's practical ability and finger flexibility but also enable children to learn to do things orderly according to procedures. Folding every paper airplane required children to calm down and patiently follow the steps carefully. The finer folding, the higher and more stable the airplane will fly. Therefore, folding out a perfect paper airplane can bring children great satisfaction and self-confidence. The airplane image of this product is lifelike, and all are familiar airplane models to children. 

Paper masks contain eight animal styles, each of which is originally made by designers. It is elaborate with lovely matching colors, which can improve children's aesthetic ability. By pasting ears, brows, eyes, and other parts, children can complete the whole mask on their own. With knife lines, it can be safe to use. Just wear a mask and come to the party in the forest! The instruction book is given.

Box size: 31cm x 0.7cm x 22cm

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