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OSCAR-Stackable Cabinet Storage Box Storage Organizer

OSCAR-Stackable Cabinet Storage Box Storage Organizer

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Material: ABS Plastic

Color: White


MD-7045: L30xW15xH18cm    Weight: 800g

MD-7046: L30xW9xH18cm      Weight: 350g

MD-7047: L30xW15xH18cm     Weight: 670g

 MD-7048:L30xW9xH18cm      Weight: 300g

OSCAR-XL-HD: L28xW21xH15.2cm Weight: 490g

OSCAR-XL-N: L28xW20.7xH15cm   Weight: 488g

OSCAR-XXL-HD: L35xW21xH15.2cm Weight: 617g

OSCAR-XXL-N: L35xW21xH15.2cm Weight: 540g

OSCAR-7020: L28~50xW20xH15.2cm  Weight: 1100g (Adjustable length )


Design Your Own Kitchen & Desk Organizer is here! Spice things up in the kitchen or at your desk by stacking different sized organizers up or sliding them into drawers. Clips secure the boxes together and also double as customisable labels. Now you’ll be able to effectively compartmentalise your space. How neat is that!


-Stackable modular bin design.

- Premium material, strong and durable.

- Handle design, easy to carry and take out.

- Multi-purpose storage for any space.

- Open front design keeps contents accessible.

- Each container comes with the clips can be used to label each container clearly. Label clips can also be used to secure adjacent containers to prevent them from shifting

 *Kindly allow 1-2 CM errors due to the different measurement ways.








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